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Meet Rupert, our furry clone of the comedian Charlie Chaplin!


Razzy’s big and expressive eyes are outlined with black eyeliner that draw even more attention to his adorable face!


Needing a furry little comedian around your house? Here ya go, here’s ready to make your home into comedy club central!

Kitten 1


Bailey radiates love and luxury and is certainly double the joy! With his fascinating ears and honey drizzled coat he is a sight to behold.

Luxury Persian Kittens

Scared of purchasing a kitten from an online classified ad site, never quite knowing where those kittens are coming from in the world?

With so many questionable scam ads running out there on the Internet these days it’s important to know that your future furry family member is coming DIRECTLY from the actual cat breeder and not a third party. Rest assured when buying a Persian or Himalayan kitten from us you are getting a kitten that is born, bred and raised here within our family. We take great pride in producing some of the healthiest, happiest Persians on the worldwide web. We are a family based business whose passion for Persians has streamed across nearly 3 decades. In that time frame we have nearly perfected the Persian cat as we know it. Everything from health to beauty, personality to size. If you are looking for assurance braided together with quality and peace of mind you have arrived at the right website.
Feel free to browse our gallery of furry purry living art or give us a call to discuss that “special one” today. We look forward to helping you find the kitten of your dreams!

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